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F-1 SEVIS Essentials

The F-1 SEVIS Essentials

Program provides a thorough explanation of the fundamentals of F-1 Student Status and SEVIS procedures for Designated School Officials at institutions of higher education, language schools, and arts institutions who are either new to the profession or who just wish to brush up on their skills. It is comprised of three levels of workshops, each building on the foundations of the previous level. All three levels are necessary to prepare a SEVIS Designated School Official to perform pre- and post-admissions student advisement and all SEVIS compliance duties. A certificate of completion is awarded upon completion of all three levels.

F-1 SEVIS Essentials – Level I

This workshop is designed for the SEVIS Designated School Official who advises prospective international students about studying in the U.S. and F-1 status, as well as, issues the Form I-20 to get the F-1 student visa abroad or change nonimmigrant status.

  • Advising Prospective International Students
  • Introduction to F-1 Student Status and SEVIS
  • Issuing the Form I-20
  • Becoming F-1:
    • Overview of Changing Status to F-1
    • Obtaining the F-1 Visa and Entering the U.S.

F-1 SEVIS Essentials – Level II

This workshop is for DSOs who are responsible for SEVIS reporting and advising F-1 students throughout their enrollment. It covers all the requirements and procedures for maintaining F-1 Student Status as well as traveling abroad and returning safely. Prerequisite: F-1 SEVIS Essentials, Level I or its equivalent in experience.

  • Maintaining F-1 Student Status
  • Transferring Schools and Changing Education Levels
  • Travel and Re-entry

F-1 SEVIS Essentials – Level III

This final F-1 SEVIS Essentials workshop focuses on how an F-1 student may regain status following a violation of status as well as employment benefits. Participants must have completed F-1 SEVIS Essentials, Levels I and II or have the equivalent knowledge in experience.

  • Regaining F-1 Student Status
  • Introduction to Employment; On-campus Employment
  • Practical Training : Optional and Curricular
  • Severe Economic Hardship
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