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K-12 F-1 SEVIS Nuts and Bolts

This specialized two-day workshop covers the fundamentals of F-1 Student Status and SEVIS needed by Designated School Officials at elementary and secondary schools. You will gain a clear understanding of best practices to implement at your school.

Level I

Level I is designed for SEVIS Designated School Officials who interact with prospective international students and respond to their inquiries about admission, Forms I-20, and obtaining the F-1 visa to enter the U.S. to attend the school.


  • Advising Prospective International Students
  • Issuing the Form I-20
  • Obtaining the F-1 Student visa
  • Entering the U.S.

Level II

Level II is a must for SEVIS Designated School Officials who are responsible for SEVIS reporting and advising F-1 Students throughout their enrollment at their schools. We will discuss the government’s requirements for enrolling and transferring your F-1 international students and your school’s compliance responsibilities. We will also review what students must do to maintain and regain F-1 Status, as well as travel abroad while attending your school. You will walk away with a clear understanding of best practices to implement at your school!


  • Maintaining F-1 Student Status
  • School Transfer and Changing Education Levels
  • Travel and Re-entry
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Customized compliance reviews and training to deal with your institution's specific federal compliance and international student service delivery issues.