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Tips for Setting up your new F-1’s file

August 29, 2013

Maintaining accurate F-1 Student records is an important part of every SEVIS Designated School Official’s duties.

Every newly arrived F-1 Student’s file should contain these specific immigration records:

  • I-20 backup
    • Proof of funding
    • Proof of admission. (The supporting admission documents may be kept in a separate location as long as they are accessible to the SEVIS DSO.)
  • Immigration documents (Photocopies)
    • Passport identification pages
    • F-1 Visa
    • F-1 admission stamp and/or Form I-94 Record
    • Forms I-20:  Current and past

Electronic Form I-94

This is our first term dealing with the new electronic Form I-94.  A great U.S. Customs and Border Protection guide to understanding the new I-94 process is available here.

Our best advice is to make sure your student’s file has a copy of the I-94 record (paper or web site print out) as well as the F-1 admission stamp in the passport if the student arrived by air or sea. To prepare for your SEVIS reporting, you want to be sure that your F-1 was properly admitted “F-1 D/S!”  Remember that SEVIS Registration is your school’s certification to the government that your F-1 student arrived and enrolled full-time at your school!

To learn more important tips for starting your fall term off right, sign up for our upcoming webinar, “F-1 SEVIS Checklist for Starting Your Year Off Right,”  scheduled for Wednesday October 2nd at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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