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    F-1 SEVIS Checklist

    Everything You Need For Starting Your Year Off Right:

    • What a student's file should contain
    • What gets reported in SEVIS
    • What data we need to check
    • And more!

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    Finding, Enticing and Admitting International Students

    Webinar topics:

    • How do international students discover your school?  What attracts them to YOUR school?
    • What are some of the tools used in international student recruitment?
    • How do I measure success?
    • I have an application — Now what?
    • What do I do with an international transcript?
    • This prospective student has been admitted.  What do I do with the I-20 and admission documents?

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    Proving Student Funding: Standards for Form I-20 Issuance ( Relaunching in May)

    Webinar objectives:

    • Understanding government requirements for proving funding for F-1 students
    • How to set expenses, explain them to students and enter them on an I-20
    • What proof should you require students to submit?
    • Developing and communicating evidence standards
    • Is the evidence enough? Discretionary income models.
    • Best practices for entering funding on the I-20

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    Working with Recruiting Agents and Agencies

    Webinar Objectives:

    • What is an agent?
    • Deciding if agents are right for your school
    • Finding agents (if they don’t find you first)
    • Selecting and vetting agents
    • Accreditation and other issues etc.
    • Considerations when preparing agency contracts
    • Supporting the agent’s success
    • Questions and some answers

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