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“In Search of the Elusive I-94,” by the Law Offices of Eugene Goldstein & Associates, New York City

November 11, 2013

The minutes of an AILA/USCIS meeting on October 23, 2013 discussed problems with obtaining a paper copy of the electronic I-94 for use with USCIS applications. AILA made the following suggestions for retrieving a paper copy:

• Enter the first and middle name in the First Name field;
• Switch the order of the first and last names;
• Enter multiple first names or multiple last names without spaces;
• Check for multiple passport numbers;
• Refrain from entering the year if the year is included in the passport number;• Check and compare the designated classification on the visa with the designated classification on the admission stamp;
• Call or visit a CBP Deferred Inspection office for assistance in obtaining a paper copy of Form I-94.

The minutes noted that USCIS would be issuing no further guidance about the electronic I-94. However, if the USCBP record cannot be located … “A photocopy of the biographical page(s) of the passport, the visa (if applicable), and the admission stamp would be acceptable in most cases as an alternative to a print-out of the I-94 information from the CBP website. USCIS may request additional evidence if necessary.”

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