IETS consultations and onsite training are customized to deal with your institution’s specific federal compliance and international student service delivery issues.

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Typical Consultations include

  • F-1 SEVIS Compliance Review

    Are you concerned that your institution may not be in compliance with the Department of Homeland Security’s F-1 SEVIS regulations and requirements thereby possibly jeopardizing your school recertification or increasing institutional liability? Let IETS conduct an F-1 SEVIS Compliance Review to help you assess your current operations and implement the business practices needed to bring you into compliance with federal requirements.

  • J-1 SEVIS Compliance Reviews are also available.

    International Student Office Consultation: Review the operations of your international student office. Let IETS assess how well you are delivering services to your international students, your available resources, organization, policies, procedures and record-keeping.

    International Student Program Consultation: A complete institution-wide review of international student program administration from admission through commencement, including structure, organization, policies, procedures, standards, responsibilities, and service delivery.

Typical Consultations include

Onsite presentations on relevant topics in international education can be tailored to your school. “F-1 SEVIS Compliance: An Institutional Responsibility,” our most popular onsite program, provides senior-level administrators with an overview of F-1 Student Status and your school’s federal compliance responsibilities.

Customized compliance reviews and training to deal with your institution's specific federal compliance and international student service delivery issues.