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At International Education Training Services, (IETS), our core mission is to assist as you navigate the challenging world of SEVIS and other federal regulations.  From F-1 to J-1 to H-1B and beyond, the regulatory environment of SEVIS and the Department of State is deep, complex and often conflicting.

We can assist you to successfully achieve your goals in this environment.

You may be interested in gaining authorization to bring in international students.  You may look to support international researchers, to certify and to recertify your existing authorizations, or to gain accreditation to fulfill ESL requirements or to allow your U.S. students access to financial aid.  Regardless of your interest in this regulatory setting, we are prepared to help.

Our process starts with our spending time listening to you, to ensure that we understand the issues that are relevant to YOUR situation.  The purpose of this consult is to give us a good idea about what you see as the issues and then discuss briefly how we might approach it.

Many times we discover that the issue is clear, but sometimes we find it is very different than you have thought it to be.  Sometimes it is straight forward and sometimes convoluted and complex.  Nevertheless, we have dealt with many complex issues in the past and can often see our way “through the weeds” to the best available resolution.

After agreeing to work together, we review the broad range of information available to us, including the experience of our various consultants.  We then recommend the appropriate members of our staff to work with you to best guide you toward your goals.

  • Our expert consultants specialize in F-1 and M-1 regulations, the practice of managing international student programs, and filing for school certification and recertification.
  • They have expertise in dealing with filing for and developing H-1B programs.
  • They have managed the designation and then the operation of Exchange Visitor (J-1) programs, and;
  • Our consultants have helped programs and schools to gain accreditation as individual programs, and as institutions.
  • They are highly regarded DSOs, ROs, PDSOs, and AROs who have years of experience and deal with a wide variety of questions and goals.
  • Contact IETS today for a free 15-minute consultation.  We would like to see how we can assist you.




    Customized compliance reviews and training to deal with your institution's specific federal compliance and international student service delivery issues.